Chalet Rosablanche in Haute-Nendaz

Chalet Rosablanche - Haute-Nendaz

A chalet full of Valais charm

A quiet stay in the heart of the Valais countryside

Rustic chalet - Chalet Rosablanche - Haute-Nendaz - SionConstructed in 1930, the chalet Rosablanche retains its former charm.

The chalet still belongs to our family. On the ground floor are a bistro and a grocery store.
It was only in 1980 that this outstanding building started welcoming tourists.
To make it more comfortable, we carried out some serious renovation work in 1994, although we have maintained the traditional character and atmosphere of this Valais chalet and its original wood.
Every year, we carry out small improvements and alterations to modernise it.

A fully equipped chalet

The chalet Rosablanche is spacious and very comfortable. It has more than 11 bedrooms and there is a modern communal kitchen available to guests, a landscaped garden and a paved patio.

A stay in the country to recharge your batteries

The chalet surroundings open onto beautiful countryside. There are plenty of walks within reach, such as the Bisses du Valais, the station de Haute-Nendaz, etc.
The more sportive types among you will also be happy. A soccer field, a tennis court and a swimming pool are close by the Chalet Rosablanche.